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Healthnook advantage

It's about time you have the Advantage

Do you have questions about your health plan? How to find a doctor? The cost for a procedure? Understanding a medical bill? With the Healthnook Advantage, you have a personal healthcare advocate helping you through every question, every step. And, you get the Advantage for free when you enroll in your health plan with Healthnook.

The Healthnook Advantage is a one-to-one personalized service that helps you navigate your plan, and the healthcare system. We help you understand your health plan coverage, locate providers, and find the best locations for procedures‚ including who has the best price! And we don't stop there, after a visit or procedure, we become your

personal claim advocate, provide an explanation of benefits, perform cost claims analysis and can even help with fee negotiation once your bill arrives. With your insurance moving onto your shoulders and not your employer's, more and more consumers are left to navigate the health system on their own.